How do I refer a friend on Mobiistock to earn extra income?

We've made it easy for you to refer friends and earn extra income on Mobiistock. For every friend you refer, they get an initial $5 credit for signing up and you get $1 for every photo they buy for up to a whole year!

Here is how you go about in referring a friend. 

1. Click on the dropdown menu on the top right of the site and click on Invite Friends.

2. From there, you can refer friend in a few different ways. The first is by clicking on your unique url shown below. Once you click on the red url, it will be automatically be copied to your clipboard so you can just paste it anywhere you'd like. In an email, on a Craigslist ad, on FB, anywhere, sky is the limit.

3. You can invite people by adding their email in the email box and separating multiple emails by a comma. Then click on the invite button to send the invite/s out. 

4. You can also post on your FB and Twitter to refer friends just by clicking on either social media icon on that page.

Once you add friend or they sign up, they will get added to a list below on that page and if they buy, it will show you your earning next to their name or email so you can track your every referral on this page. 

If there is a referral that has not signed up yet, you can give them a little nudge by clicking on the remind button and it will re-send them that invite. 

The sky is the limit on referrals. The more people you refer that buy the more extra income you will make. 

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