What type of photos can I upload?

Stock photography can be all kinds of photos - from people, to travel, to animals, to inanimate objects, to places, emotions, actions, the possibilities are endless.

The best way to check to see what we need, is to go to the site and check out our categories section in the search area and see what we are low on. Then, go out and get creative to help us fill that section up. 

There are a couple of criteria that we use when approving photos that you'll need to follow:

  • Remove any colored or stylized borders on your photos. Only white borders will be accepted.
  • We prefer images to fit fully in the Instagram square, but if yours is portrait or landscape, make sure the 2 empty sides are pure white.
  • We don't like personal watermarks, signatures, or writing on top of photos. We add watermarks to protect your work, so don't worry!
  • Make sure your photos are super sharp. Double check to see that they are not grainy, or blurry (unless you're being artsy fartsy). Watch out for those low light night photos and make sure you click your screen to focus on your main subject at all times. 
  • And of course, nothing obscene, that means no nudies of your girlfriend.
  • We have enough flower and sky photos from your plane window. Please, no overabundance of photos we have a lot of already. See categories to see what we need more of and less of on the site in the search area. 
  • We love selfies, but please do not submit a million selfies of yourself, they will not be approved and slow down everyone else's approvals.

We are constantly updating and improving our review process, since things are constantly changing. If your photo was not approved after being pending for approval, it is because it did not fit the Mobiistock guidelines. If you follow these guidelines you will have no problems with approvals. =)

Happy snapping!


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    Julia Almonte

    Remove any colored or stylized borders on your photos. Only white borders will be accepted.

    I don't follow? There should be color to the photo ?

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