Why was my photo rejected?

We are constantly updating and improving our review process, since things are constantly changing. If your photo was not approved after being pending for approval, it is because it did not fit the Mobiistock guidelines. 

Some of the reasons a photo my not be approved:

  • The subject of the photo was restricted 
  • The image was blurry or pixelated
  • Too many filters (over filtering your photo may get your photo rejected. We are not opposed to filters, but too much depending on the image may or may not work.)
  • There was offensive material in the photo
  • A trademark or logo was shown 
  • A landmark, museum, or unique recognizable place is shown that is restricted
  • We may not need that type of photo
  • Your photo had a border on all four sides black, white or styled.
  • Pornographic material shown
  • We have an overabundance of that type of photo already
  • Your photo was too dark
  • No signatures, writing, quotes, or watermarks in photos/art
  • We love selfies, but please do not submit a million selfies of yourself, they will not be approved and slow down everyone else's approvals. 

There are also more photo restrictions here.

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